Meet The Cake Doc

Steve was a doctor for 15 years until his love for pastry led him to a new calling. After baking for family and friends for many years, the Cake Doc founded the Fabulous Baking Company and has been providing custom cakes for special occasions in the Pittsburgh area for the last 5 years. He has developed a loyal and growing following. After an introduction by mutual friends, the Cake Doc has decided to partner exclusively with the 1905 Bakery. This will allow him to bring his custom cakes to an intimate bakery and coffee shop setting. Meet with Steve in the 1905 Coffee Bar to discuss the perfect cake for your special occasion. The Cake Doc has a vision of providing the best cakes in the Pittsburgh area. Cakes are personal and are often part of people’s most important celebrations. The Cake Doc understands this and will help you to choose and design a cake that puts the finishing touches on your special celebration.

Cake Doc Custom Cakes

  • Custom Cakes
  • Gourmet Cakes and Cupcakes
  • Choose From Over 45 Flavors

Call ahead to see what is being featured today. There will typically be a selection of gourmet cakes available for your last minute occasion. You'll likely find a Chocolate, raspberry, or Almond torte cake ready for pick up in the bakery. Cakes are made daily. 8" gourmet cakes start at $30.